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ViVeTech is a technological startup enterprise founded in Hungary. Its development center is located in Budapest and has partners all over Europe. ViVeTech’s mission is to provide fast and accurate three-dimensional virtual ergonomic tests, analysis and planning for wide range of companies. ViVeLab developed a simulation system along this objective to create optimal working environments and workflows for health, efficiency and competitiveness. ViVeTech's founders have three decades of academic level scientific work and professional history to ensure that our company becomes one of the world's leading research and development workshops in the field of virtual ergonomics researches. We believe that the key factor to the future of mankind and sustainable development lies in smooth cooperation between humans, machines and the environment. ViVeTech also operates on the market of the IT and information security services as a special field of human-machine cooperations.
SCIENCE AND ART is coeval with humanity. Scientists and artists work to reveal the secrets of the universe while make it more comfortable for us, humans.

ERGONOMY is not just a science, but more a form of an art that puts the human in the center.

We CREATE AND DEVELOP everything for our shape and for our form, searching for perfection.

The new challenges for high-tech product design, emphasizing safety, comfort, and energy consumption make the companies to CHANGE THE ORDINARY designing methods.

Management Team

Csaba Szeredy
Founder, CEO
Graduated as Electrical Engineer at Budapest University of Technology. Mr. Szeredy fulfiled a major role in the development of human simulation software products like Anthropos (1991-2001), Ergonaut (1996-2001) or CharAT Ergonomics (2002-2010). Parallel with his work as lead developer of ergonomics software in the past 10 years, he acted as Chief Technology Officer for successful start-up companies. His favorite pastime is building remote controlled helicopters and cars.
László Ördögh
Founder, CTO
Graduated summa cum laude as Industrial Designer from Moholy-Nagy University Of Arts And Design Budapest and gained extensive knowledge in system design and information technology during obtaining a postgraduate degree in System Engineering. Mr. Ördögh participated in the design and development of many human modeling products starting with OSCAR (1981-86) till RAMSIS (1999-2001). Mr. Ördögh is a passionate fan of the Metaverse art.
Miklós Márton
Partner, Sales Director
In 1999 Mr. Márton graduated as a business professional at Corvinus University of Budapest. As a leading team member he acquired expertise in IT strategy and management as well as sales management at top companies like Novell and KÜRT. Miklós  strengthens us with his deep knowledge of  customer needs, entrepreneurial attitude and sparkling business ideas. In his free time he is preferred to be on board as a passionate sailor, loves to travel and spend as much time as he can with his family.
15 Szüret street, Budapest, 1118
Phone: +36 1 209 0196
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